Casper is going in Scare School in the underworld. But there`s a big problem - Casper is too friendly to be a ghost! And unless he learns to scare pretty soon, he’ll be kicked out of Casper Scare School. But with the help of his best friends Mantha and Ra can Casper become a ghoulish ghost?



Casper is the friendliest face at Casper Scare School, and that's his main problem! If he doesn't knuckle down and start getting scary at school soon he'll be Banished to the Valley of the Shadows. Fortunately for him, he have friends Mantha and Ra, and they trying to help him to not be Banished from Scare School.

The UnclesEdit

Stretch, Stinky and Fatso tend to stay away from Scare School, but that doesn't mean they don't care about their cute nephew Casper. The Ghostly Trio swoop in to spook out Casper every so often, usually when they think they can make themselves some money out of the Scare School!


Casper Scare School's brainiac zombie may be slow moving, but luckily for Casper and friends, Mantha's also pretty quick-thinking. Mantha is good friends with Casper and Ra and they often help her out when she goes to pieces, literally, at Casper Scare school!